The perfect smile with a first sight

The perfect smileNeither am I a poet or a writer but a normal person who has a heart and expression. Feelings are held within me. Happiness and sorrow’s both come to me as well.

As I continued with the task I was asked to do. The weather was normal. A little colder, dressed in a jeans shirt and a hood. No one knew what day the day will be. No one knows that there is a lot more to it than just working or studying. So I continued with my work. As soon as I raised my head up to see the people passing in front of me. I noticed some distinct and unique people. Though they had a normal face like us but the face was different. The one face was very different and unique. Had a very beautiful shine, Indefinable beauty just passed right in front of my own bare eyes and I could not understand the time nor the day I had forgotten with what I was doing.

The smile was so beautiful; people might be jealous of it and want to take it away. The eyes were so beautiful that any one who gets noticed by those eyes will become a lucky person. The lips were so beautiful; the smile given shall be hard to define. The perfect beauty of what was held within her. Guys will get crazy over that beautiful smile she had.

The hair was so soft and silky yet without touching them I knew they were perfect. Yet she was far from me, thanks to the zephyr I could smell the beauty. Thinking about her makes me smile on any day and at any time. No matter what the conditions or what the circumstances are.

The more I remember the more I forget, and the less I forget, the better I remember. So in the end I would conclude that I might have seen the most beautiful girl. But in simple yet more obvious words “The beauty of that specific girl is incomplete without the fact, the dictionary is a collection of words. No matter how many dictionaries, encyclopedias I use I can not describe how beautiful she is”…

As she uttered a word to her friend, I realized I was hearing to the perfect and most admirable voice. Nor will I say it was thin. Just it was beautiful. She was beautiful princess who was perfect. Perfection is what a lie was but became a truth when I saw her. The most beautiful rose will fall dull in front of her beauty. The world was becoming a lucky place as her beautiful eyes noticed the things and objects that surrounded the place.

As I continued my work, she tended to leave her mind thrilling thoughts of just a five minute walk in front of me in my mind that shall remain in thy mind for weeks, years and forever. It was indeed the perfect smile with a first sight ….

The love story of Nichole and Aaron

They always said love is always unexpected. All my life I never believed that. My name is Nichole. I am 18 years old, almost 19. And I am from Houston, Texas. And this is our story…..

All my life I wanted my life to be a fairy tale, but it’s funny the older you get; People keep nagging at you, telling you that fairy tales don’t exist. From the time I was a little girl, till the time I turned 16; I honestly and truly believed I was ugly. A lot of people in my life would tell me that long enough to a point that even my family and a lot of other people couldn’t convince me otherwise. That is why, my whole life, I never judged people for the way they looked. Everyone was beautiful to me. Those who were beautiful on the inside where beautiful to me but those who were ugly on the inside could look like models and I would still think they were ugly. That was when I got the nickname, Belle (Beauty and The Beast).It wasn’t till I had my first boyfriend, Kimball when I finally started to believe people when they told me I was beautiful. I looked in the mirror and saw myself and realized I wasn’t ugly. My long honey golden brown hair, a perfect cupids bow, clear pale white skin, dark chocolate brown eyes that would change to topaz gold on occasions, my hourglass figure, and my petite size and weight. I noticed things that I didn’t before but that didn’t matter. I actually loved how people just ended up loving me for me and not for how I looked. So to all those girls out there who think they aren’t pretty. Girls, you are gorgeous. Those who tell you differently don’t deserve to bask in the glorious light that you shine from within. Kimball and I were together for about a year and in that year I got to know his family. They are such amazing people and I love them very much. His family was his parents Edward and Ann; his siblings, Marie, Michael, Aaron, Allison and Laura. Kimball was the youngest in the family.

The siblings I got to know the most was his older brother, Aaron. He was married and had a daughter with the same name as me, Nichole. This was in the year 2009; She was 3 years old at the time. After Kimball and I broke up, I decided to stay alone for a while. I still stayed in contact with his family, mostly his brother Aaron. I would baby sit Nichole whenever he and his wife were spending time with my parents. I went through a weird stage…I had a crush on Aaron but he was married and he was 26. And I thought to myself “He wouldn’t be into someone who is 10 years younger than him”. So I left that alone cause I knew nothing would come from it. Eventually his evil wife ended up leaving him and taking little Nichole with her. When I found out, I cried for him but mostly for Nichole. I loved that little girl so very much. I was crying because she was with a horrible person and I was never able to know if she was okay. About a year past and I was in another relationship. It was with a young man named Nolan. He and I were great friends before we started liking each other. We had everything in common. Eventually we fell in love but my parents wouldn’t allow it so they separated us. I fought for Nolan for a whole year…even after he found someone else. After a year I realized “Damn it, I’m 17. It’s time to grow up”. So I did. Eventually I ended up in a couple of meaningless relationships. About a year later, I had given up on finding my soul mate, gave up on getting married and having a family of my own. I was done. After my 18th birthday, I felt like my life was missing something. I felt empty like my life had no purpose whatsoever. I hated my life. One day I was on Facebook and for my status I put “My life sucks badly…” and all of a sudden the first person to comment on it was…Aaron! Kimball’s older brother. He said “Awww well I hope it gets better soon” and I thanked him. I asked him how he was doing and he said he was doing alright. Then we started talking about things that we liked guns, boats, camping, knives, cars, etc. It turned out that we had everything in common, same interests, same personality, everything! He was perfect! I will admit I was flattered that he was talking to me but I also felt kind of weird; not in a bad way but such as how someone feels when they have found something they had lost after years of looking for it. This was in the year 2011. It was Christmas time, when we started talking. I stopped talking to him till after New Year’s because I was in Dallas. But when I came back home, I checked my Facebook and I saw that I had a message from Aaron!! It said “Hey darling, what’s your number? I miss talking to you we haven’t talk in a long time” I messaged him my number and in 10 minutes, my phone buzzed. It was him. We texted all day that day and that night he told me to call him the next day at 10 in the morning. The next day, 9:58 am, I was locking the room looking at my phone and feeling very anxious. I didn’t know why I was so nervous. Then I thought to myself…”Maybe I should call him at 10:07. So he doesn’t think I have been pacing the room waiting for it to be 10″. So when 10:07 hit, I started dialing. Then I heard it ring, my heart was beating very fast and was about to leap out of my chest. And when he answered, I heard the most gorgeous southern accent I had ever heard. I hadn’t heard Aaron’s voice in over two years. I had forgotten what he had sounded like. Anyway we talked on the phone all day. I learned so many things about him. He was a war veteran; He served in the U.S. Navy for four years. Two years in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. He suffered from two gunshot wounds and an IED blast that filled him full of shrapnel. He was divorced.

It turned out that his wife had been sneaking around behind his back…and when he came home bloodied up on a stretcher from the war the first thing “wifey dearest” said to him was that he should have died out there. So that she could have had his life insurance money instead of taking care of him. She was very abusive to him after that physically and emotionally. He didn’t know where his ex-wife was more importantly, he didn’t know where his daughter, Nichole was. He was living alone in the apartments that were 3 miles from my house and was living off disability (because he had major damage to his body still and couldn’t work.).He learned from me that I basically lived the life of a princess. My dad is the best Dent Technician in Texas. I had everything that a girl could ask for. I had two electric guitars, an Ipod, an Itouch, a mini laptop, all the bells and whistles. I had my own cabin next to my parent’s house. I had 750,000 dollars and 2 acres of land to my inheritance. I had everything. Aaron said that I was spoiled and I told him that I never even asked for those things. They were just given to me. I was grateful but I preferred a simple and not expensive life. I also learned from him that we had everything in common. We both love to cook, he was very happy and he said “You better be careful or else I might forget that I am 28 and you’re 18 and decide to date you”. I was really flattered and a little unsure of what he was saying. He kept saying he was serious so I went to my other theory that the IED blast that he suffered from blew him back a little too hard. I liked someone else at the time. He was a Marine stationed in Hawaii and his name was Arthur and when I told Aaron this, I could tell he was disappointed by the sound of his voice. I honestly thought he was either playing me…or he was just plain “cookoo pants”. But after a month of talking every second of every day; He told me that he liked me but I was still with Arthur. So I came up with a plan to introduce Aaron to women his age because I felt like he only liked me cause I was one of the few women he ever talked to and that he was just settling or he was playing me oooorrrrr he was just “cookoo pants”. So anyways, I found a couple of women that he could get to know. And the women fell for him in an instant. Aaron is a six foot two, 195 lbs. man with dark hair, almost black. With lightly tanned skin with a gorgeous Matthew McCaughey smile, with cute puppy dog brown eyes and a very gorgeous body. That was what they were attracted too…me? I was with someone else but I was attracted to Aaron not for his looks but for his personality. He was sweet, funny, gentle, smart, strong, independent and everything else I wanted in a man but I was with someone and I DON’T CHEAT. That is something I could never do. Even if someone had a gun to my head, I could never do it (not being dramatic). I am the most loyal woman on the planet.

One day Arthur and I decided that Hawaii was too far away and that we weren’t really right for each other. It wasn’t because of Aaron. Arthur and I just didn’t feel that connected and that a long distance relationship wouldn’t work. After Arthur and I ended, I never told Aaron. One day Aaron texts me and tells me that he doesn’t like any of the women I set him up with. He said none of them were like me. None of them understood him and was always there for him like me. Then he said the three words I never thought I would hear him say…He said “I love you”. I started to freak out. I thought he went too far this time. I told him that I didn’t believe him. And one day at church, He told me he loved me again and I told him that I still didn’t believe him. And then he said to me “kiss me” and at first I was a little confused then he explained it to me. He said that if I kissed him and I didn’t feel anything he would leave me alone and never try to approach me romantically again. So yes, we went into an empty room in the church and he looked deep into my eyes and I could feel him looking into my soul and I knew he felt the same way. We lost track of how long we got lost in each other’s eyes and he gently held my face in his hands and softly pulls me close. Now in my experience when a guy would tell me he loved me and then kiss me, all I could feel in the kiss was lust from him but when Aaron kissed me; it was soft, tender, and loving. He was six foot two and I was five foot three. I got up on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him back. I didn’t know what I felt for him then but there was one thing I was extremely sure of that was that Aaron did honestly, deeply, once in a lifetime truly love me. After we kissed we heard someone clear their throat and it turned out that someone caught us and they told my parents. I was grounded for two weeks; No phone and no way of talking to Aaron. The two weeks passed, since I couldn’t talk to Aaron. I was left alone with my thoughts. I had to sit back and hear about Aaron hanging with other women and me pretending not to care. I kept giving myself every excuse that I didn’t love him. That he was just my friend but the more I heard about Aaron hanging with other women the more depressed I got and the more depressed I got the more I wanted to talk to my best friend and that was Aaron. I realized how full my life was when he was in it and I also realized how empty it was whenever he wasn’t in it. I realized that I was dying slowly without him that it was torture not being able to talk to him but I still tried to give myself every excuse that I didn’t love him. We wouldn’t work, my parents wouldn’t allow it, etc. Then finally I said “Screw it! It would work if we really loved each other! And if my parents loved me would accept it! So that’s it! I admit it damn it! I love and forever will love Aaron!” So two weeks passed and I went to an activity for single adults and to my surprise, Aaron was there and he was there with a creepy Argentinian chick named Jennifer. She was 3 years older than him and the touchiest feeling Latina I had ever seen; not to sound racist but that woman made me sick to my stomach and very pissed off. For the first hour, I watched Aaron with Jennifer and every hug he gave her was like a knife to my heart. When everyone wasn’t paying attention, I yanked Aaron into the kitchen.

I was crying and I asked him what he was doing with Jennifer (because whenever we talked about Jennifer, he always said he would never like her because she didn’t like guns like me. Aaron is very picky when it comes to women). He told me that she was his ride and I asked if he was going out with her and he said he had been on a couple of dates with her and that’s all he had to say. I could literally hear my heart starting to shatter in my chest. My pride was all that was left to keep me from collapsing on the floor, I looked at him with tears in my eyes and I asked him “Aaron do you still love me?” and his eyes looked down in mine and I could have sworn I saw him tearing up and he said “Of course I do, I would never leave you for anyone” and I was about to tell him ” I love you” for the first time when I realized that my parents wouldn’t allow us to be together. After they found out that I kissed him. They chased him off, who knows what would happen if they found out that I honestly loved him. So I looked at Aaron and I said “Then if you love me, I want you to find someone just like me, someone who has everything in common with you, someone who wants you to have all the happiness you deserve, someone who will love little Nichole as much as I do…Which will never be possible and most importantly; I want you to find someone who will love you as much as I do and I can tell you that there is no one in history or in this time period on Gods great green Earth that can love you as much as I do…After I said that, he stood there with a surprised expression on his face and then he smiled softly and asked “You love me?” and I said “Yes Aaron, I truly and deeply do. And I always will but it would never work. My parents would never allow it”. And it was like he didn’t even hear the last part. He just focused on the fact that I loved him back. He gathered me up in his arms and kissed me tenderly and passionately and he whispered “I love you so much” and I said that I loved him very much too but then I told him again that my parents wouldn’t allow it that it wouldn’t work and he told me “Sweetie it will work and don’t worry about your parents. In time they will accept us”. So from that day forward, we decided to keep our love a secret from everyone. After my parents found out about me kissing Aaron, they tried to set me up with every young man they could find that THEY liked.

I wasn’t attracted to any of them. I loved Aaron. On Valentine’s Day this year of 2012; My parents went too far by setting my up with a guy named Allen. They even invited one of my old ex-boyfriends, Lee, to the party. I was so pissed off and depressed. After the party, it was 10 at night, I grabbed my phone and I went to my cabin and called Aaron and told him about my Valentine’s Day and how lonely it was without him. He felt the same way except he didn’t have to worry about parents setting him up with other chicks. He spent Valentine’s day alone and wishing I was there. We both wish we could have seen each other that night so after talking for a little bit, Aaron said something crazy! He said “I’m coming over” and I said “what?! You don’t even have a car” and he said “So? I’m going to walk for you. All three miles”. At first I was against the idea but eventually Aaron talked me into it. I waited at the gate for an hour until I finally saw him walking up with street past the trees in blue jeans and denim buttoned up collared shirt. He started walking faster when he saw me and I ran to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his warm soft lips onto mine. We told each other Happy Valentine’s Day and we told each other how much we loved and missed each other. We missed each other a lot so we decided that whenever he was up for it that he would come over and he would spend time with me but only when it was dark so he wouldn’t get caught. That was how we got to see each other for a while. Then in the month of March, after knowing him for four years and being with him for 4 months, He and I got into a big argument. He would keep hanging up on me whenever I would try and call him to try and work things out…Then he told me that he didn’t think I loved him anymore…and He said “goodbye”. I lost him….I was so distraught and hurt. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because Aaron and I were still a secret; no one was supposed to know; So I did one of the most stupidest things I had ever done…I started cutting myself that night. My parents ended up finding out and they were furious. They yelled at me and pushed me around. I hated feeling like I was never good enough for them. So I decided to run away from home. When everyone fell asleep, I walked to each of my siblings rooms and whispered “I love you” to all of them. I went to my cabin grabbed my duffel bag and at two o’clock in the morning…I left… I didn’t know where to go so I went to the only place I knew where I would be safe even if the person didn’t want me anymore; Aaron’s apartment. I ran the three miles with my luggage and I ran to his apartment.

The embarrassing part was that I had never been to Aaron’s apartment before. So I didn’t know what number it was. I didn’t have my phone cause my dad took it away. I went knocking on doors; after an hour, that stopped working. Finally I met a nice man named Sean. He lets me use his phone so I could call Aaron. Thank goodness I knew his number by heart otherwise I would have been screwed. I called three times, no answer. Then finally at four o’clock in the morning, he answers. He wonders why I am calling so early. I told him to just tell me what apartment he was in and that I would tell him what was up. He was apartment #306.I ran up the stairs and I knocked on the door. He opens it and sees me with my stuff and he has a surprised look on his face. I told him what happened and that I was scared and that I loved him and I thought I lost him and that he and his little girl Nichole were all I had left. He looked at me with a soft look on his face and he said “Sweetie you never lost me. I was upset; I still love you very much”. He held me close and rocks me gently. He turned on Netflix and knew exactly what movie would cheer me up. He turned on The Labyrinth with David Bowie. It was my favorite childhood movie. He sang every song that played on the movie as he held me close. We didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. We just talked and watched movies. The next day we hear a knock at the door. It was my dad! I started freaking out cause I was afraid that my dad was going to beat me for leaving so I hid all my things and I hid (You guys are going laugh at this) in the vent under the a closet in his apartment. It was very small. I remember that hiding place because Aaron showed me that he had a handgun hidden in there. I still don’t know how I got myself to fit. I stayed in there till my dad left. Anyway Aaron ended up leaving for church and I stayed at the apartment just in case my parents were at church but my parents didn’t go to church because they were frigging busy banging on the door at the apartment!! I hid back in the vent just in case they got the manager to open the door. So I ended up staying in that vent for 4 hours. My parents wouldn’t leave! When Aaron got back, my dad tried to pick a fistfight with him and I can tell you that if my dad tried to fight Aaron…there would be nothing left of my dad so after my dad stopped pitching a fit. Aaron opened the door to the apartment and my parents saw that I wasn’t here (cause I was in the vent) ,my mom hung out at the apartment while my dad searched the whole town for me. My mom stayed just in case I “got back”. My mom started talking to Aaron and started making all these promises if he talked me into going back to live with them. My mom promised she would let me and Aaron date. After she said that, I was sold. I popped out of the vent. When I got out of the vent, my mom had this expression on her face and she was either about to laugh her head off or tear my head off.

I asked her if she was being honest about letting me and Aaron date. She said yes so I agreed to go back with her and my dad. They gave me back my phone and three days later and I should have known. They blocked Aaron’s number off my phone and never allowed me to see him. So I wiggled past their blockade from Aaron by sneaking my sibling’s phones and using them to contact Aaron. He still came over in the night time but my parents tried even harder to get me to date other people. Especially the one I absolutely hated, Allen. In the month of April, a month after I ran away, I went on some FORCED dates with Allen. Aaron started to have doubts. He started accusing me of falling in love with Allen, when I would always tell him how much I hated Allen. Allen was a disrespectful little pervert and the biggest a** kisser. That’s why my parents didn’t see anything wrong with Allen. Anyways, I kept trying to reassure Aaron that I loved him and not Allen but he wouldn’t budge. So I asked him “Sweetheart, What can I do to prove that I love you and only you” and he only said two words that made my heart skip a beat…he said “Marry me”. I started freaking out. We had only been together for 5 months but I loved him and I did want to marry him and be with him…So I asked him “Are you sure that’s what you want?” and he said yes. I was extremely happy and I said “YES!” After that, him and I started planning the wedding where we wanted our honeymoon, how many kids we would have, try and win custody on little Nichole, what we wanted to name our future kids and many more things. Then for some reason, my younger sister Rochelle decides to get suspicious and decides to look at her phone records. She realizes that I had been sneaking and using her phone to call Aaron. She told my parents and they were hot red mad. They finally asked me “Do you honestly want be with Aaron?” and I said “Yes I do, with all my heart”. They got even angrier and said well if I wanted be with him I had to leave home and I said “Fine, let me go”. They took all my jewelry off of me. All I had were my pajamas, no shoes, no socks and they threw me out of the house and once again I made my way down the road at midnight for three miles. When I finally got to Aaron’s; He looked confused and he said “Again? lol” with his cocky smile. I explained everything and Aaron got furious at my parents for the way they treated me. I took a shower at the apartment because I was all sweaty and I found some clothes that I left there the first time I ran away. Once I was dressed, Aaron and I heard a loud banging at the door. It was my dad. I went and hid in the spare bedroom in the closet under some clothes. I heard Aaron open the door slowly and then I heard a banging sound. It turns out that my dad was trying to force his way in. All of a sudden I heard the sound of a hand gun being locked and loaded. (I know that sound anywhere).

Then I heard my dad yell “Nichole, You know your boyfriend is holding me at gun point right?” I walked out of the closet and I made my way to the living room and I saw Aaron pointing a gun at my father. I walked over to Aaron and I gently caressed my hand on his arm and I said gently “Please Aaron, don’t shoot him. He still has a family to provide for. My brothers and my sisters and my mom” and he looks at me and he says “I love you Nichole; I am only trying to protect you. I don’t ever want you to get hurt by anyone ever again”. And I said “Aaron shooting my father would hurt me…because I would know that my family would be bankrupt without him. They would have to sell all their expensive clothes, jewelry and everything to feed them; I don’t want that.” So Aaron put the gun down and let my father go. A couple days later I hear that my grandma wanted me to live with her so I could get some working experience. So I went away for two weeks…Aaron didn’t like me away. He kept assuming that I was going to fall in love with someone else while I was away and I realized that my grandma was in league with my parents that the reason why I was there was so that I would forget Aaron so I called my friend Michelle and she bailed me out and took me back to my hometown when I got there, Aaron was so happy to see me. He kissed me and told me he loved me. I stayed with him for a few months. And in those few months, we got a car, we decided on our wedding date (March 21rst 2013).and I got some working experience here in my town. We weren’t married yet and we didn’t want people to think we were doing certain things. I still have my V card. I am saving that till I’m married. So I had to find a place to stay at till I could afford an apartment of my own. So now I stay with a rich family, The Jensen’s, They have two houses. A small house that is four miles from Aaron’s house and a 8000 sq. ft. house that is fourteen miles from Aaron’s house. I stay in the small one all by myself and I try and visit Aaron as often as I can. It gets very lonely at the small house by myself but if I have Aaron then the loneliness isn’t so bad because I have a lot to look forward to being married to Aaron, being little angel Nichole’s mom, having more kids and having a bunch of adventures with them and the love of my life, the one who I never thought I would end up with, the soul mate who found me when I stopped looking. He was the most unexpected and wonderful surprise. Aaron is my other half, he is my BETTER half.

And I am going to spend all eternity to make myself deserving of him. We are still together. We have been together for about 8 months and we are still strong. We have our stressful times but we have more good times than bad…And remember whenever you are going through a bad time and you feel like letting go…I want you to remember the good times and what made you hold on in the first place And to those people who say love isn’t unexpected or that there is no such thing as fairy tales…I am living proof that those people are wrong.

The End

A stick figure love story

A stick figure love story

Love is one of the sweetest feelings, it has some ups and some downs so be strong and solve the issues between your self. After all you two are meant to be together. Share this cute stick figure love story with the person you love.