The perfect smile with a first sight

The perfect smileNeither am I a poet or a writer but a normal person who has a heart and expression. Feelings are held within me. Happiness and sorrow’s both come to me as well.

As I continued with the task I was asked to do. The weather was normal. A little colder, dressed in a jeans shirt and a hood. No one knew what day the day will be. No one knows that there is a lot more to it than just working or studying. So I continued with my work. As soon as I raised my head up to see the people passing in front of me. I noticed some distinct and unique people. Though they had a normal face like us but the face was different. The one face was very different and unique. Had a very beautiful shine, Indefinable beauty just passed right in front of my own bare eyes and I could not understand the time nor the day I had forgotten with what I was doing.

The smile was so beautiful; people might be jealous of it and want to take it away. The eyes were so beautiful that any one who gets noticed by those eyes will become a lucky person. The lips were so beautiful; the smile given shall be hard to define. The perfect beauty of what was held within her. Guys will get crazy over that beautiful smile she had.

The hair was so soft and silky yet without touching them I knew they were perfect. Yet she was far from me, thanks to the zephyr I could smell the beauty. Thinking about her makes me smile on any day and at any time. No matter what the conditions or what the circumstances are.

The more I remember the more I forget, and the less I forget, the better I remember. So in the end I would conclude that I might have seen the most beautiful girl. But in simple yet more obvious words “The beauty of that specific girl is incomplete without the fact, the dictionary is a collection of words. No matter how many dictionaries, encyclopedias I use I can not describe how beautiful she is”…

As she uttered a word to her friend, I realized I was hearing to the perfect and most admirable voice. Nor will I say it was thin. Just it was beautiful. She was beautiful princess who was perfect. Perfection is what a lie was but became a truth when I saw her. The most beautiful rose will fall dull in front of her beauty. The world was becoming a lucky place as her beautiful eyes noticed the things and objects that surrounded the place.

As I continued my work, she tended to leave her mind thrilling thoughts of just a five minute walk in front of me in my mind that shall remain in thy mind for weeks, years and forever. It was indeed the perfect smile with a first sight ….