Beginner Guitar , chords and fingerpicking lesson and video tutorial

Getting a good guitar tutorial for beginners can be a bit tricky and it is very important to learn how to finger pick and play on the chords if you want to learn to play the guitar. If you are interested in getting guitar lessons for an acoustic one, check the videos below, they are FREE.


Just imagine, playing the favorite song of your love on your anniversary for them and surprising the, because you have mastered the fingerpicking lesson and can easily play the beginner guitar chords. The videos below are completely FREE, no strings attached. However, after the videos there is an image where you can learn how to play an acoustic guitar by signing up for FREE and getting some training for free.

Guitar tutorials for beginners

Fingerpicking Lesson

Guitar Lesson Acoustic

Guitar Chords Lesson


A few of the FAQ’s about the guitar lessons for beginners:
Q: Is it that easy to play a guitar?
A: Yes, if you follow the videos above which are aimed for beginner fingerpicking and improve the way you play chords.

Q: Are the videos really free?
A: Yes, no cost of watching the videos below.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Q: What sort of music can i play using a guitar?
A: See the video below to know

Q: The videos are really guitar lessons for beginners?
A: Yes, they are meant for beginners; offcourse if you want to go advance, we suggest signing up below or going to proper guitar classes

Guitar Lessons for Beginners