Love you always

A beautiful day starts with a sunrise, the mesmerizing and soft voice of birds but a perfect day starts with your smile in front of me and the first sound I hear is your voice. The day only begins when I receive a gentle kiss from you on my cheeks; I always want my day to start and end by seeing you. I might have travelled the globe but never saw such a beautiful and lively smile in my life. The smile is special and I feel special; it is only you I still wakeup everyday with new hopes. I have lived a life with full luxury, made an empire of business but never did I think I will want to live a life like this. I still remember the day I proposed you when you blushed and smiled and accepted the proposal. I still remember the tears of happiness from your eyes; my heart beat never went this high. I still look at your photo while at work and smile; you are the only source of inspiration for me.

Every day I have higher enthusiasm in everything and my love for you increases with every second. I wonder what my life would be without you. The thought of not having you in my life gives me the weirdest thought right now but I am happy I have you to share everything. I have you to rely on to help me with every decision. I can proudly say we make the world’s best and cutest couple. I wish to tell you that you mean the world to me; your smile means everything and no matter what happens I will never leave you. No matter what happens I will never disappoint you. I shall always stand by your side. You are everything to me. I have heard people say love is life but never understood what people meant by it. After I met you I realized the meaning of it and I can proudly say you are my life. I wish we live together forever and ever regardless of how things are and what things are. I always fall short of words when I am praising you with the brightest words of the world. A dictionary is merely a compilation of much fewer words in front of your beauty. I am the luckiest man alive to be able to be with you; I am lucky I get to wake up every day by your side. I just wish to hold you in my arms forever and be with you forever. I really am glad we are together. To me you are the most beautiful lady in the whole planet. We are meant to be together forever. I love you today and I will love you always …

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